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Regained Eyesight

Rita NB Kiba

 I HAD WORN GLASSES FOR about 17 years. I was short sighted and my defect was so bad that I couldn’t see to get out of my room without wearing glasses. The first thing I did every morning as soon as I woke up was put on my glasses. From my last eye checkup which happened in 2016, my prescription was -4.5 in the left eye and -3.5 in the right eye, and the doctor had advised me to have a surgery. I was supposed to go for a checkup and change my lenses every year but because of financial difficulty I had not visited the optometrist in 5 years. I could not afford to get a new pair of glasses because they were expensive and I had been unemployed for 2 years. My sight 33 My Testimony kept getting worse, and I would squint with my glasses on. I had terrible headaches all the time and my eyes were red most of the time. One Wednesday in November 2021 during MC Live, Apostle Mosze gave a word regarding eye sight and he said that your defect is being corrected. I received that word by faith and took off my glasses that day. On Sunday, we attended the Luganda service at Worship Harvest Kungu and the pastor asked us to move forward if we had issues in our families that we wanted God to bring an end to. I remembered that this glasses problem was in my family. My parents, sister, aunties and uncles all wear glasses. For a long time, it felt normal until that day. So I moved forward, asking God to help me see without wearing glasses. On our way back home, I started seeing things I could never see before. I could see trees clearly from a distance, I could read signposts on the road side and even read number plates on cars that drove past us. It has been 3 months now and 34 Worship Harvest things get clearer day by day. And the headaches are completely gone!