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Harvest Ministries (Naalya) Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.

Who We Are?

Our Strategy to achieve this mission is by planting 3000 Life-giving Churches (Locations) by 2042 by every location planting one every three years, which will be able to equip and Deploy 100,000+ Disciple-making Missional Communities by having an MC for every 20 Garage attendees, which will serve 10o,000+ Community Renewing Missional Frontiers atleast once a month, unleashing unprecedented levels of Kingdom impact and transformation. By December 2020, the club had amassed over 200 members, with over UGX 500 million in savings.

In late 2020, a Word from God as recorded in Isaiah 60:22 stirred Ap. Mosze to encourage the Club to transform into a Cooperative Society as a step of faith in response to this awesome word. On February 7th, 2021, at the AGM, members of HIC unanimously voted to dissolve HIC and create HMPC. They also approved an Interim Executive Committee and a Supervisory Committee to facilitate the transition from Harvest Investment Club (HIC) to Harvest Multipurpose Cooperative Society (HMPC). A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in His time (Isaiah 60:22).

HMPC is a multipurpose co-operative society established to pool funds to serve as a reliable source of credit and investment opportunities for members’ personal and socio-economic development.

Many individuals are making concerted efforts towards personal growth and economic development despite the various challenges. These efforts will gain significant momentum and recognition if harnessed by group collaborations. Through a joint effort, HMC members will boldly advance towards the future God designed us to enjoy. The Cooperative will harness the awesome power and amazing possibilities in collaborative efforts.

What is a Cooperative Society?

A cooperative is a business organization owned and operated for mutual benefit by a group of like-minded individuals who share a common bond. Cooperatives are of various types according to the purpose or business for which they were established. Types include Housing Cooperatives, Transport Cooperatives, Services Cooperatives, and the most widely known Financial Cooperatives, also called SACCOs.

A multipurpose cooperative, like HMPC, is registered and legally permitted to conduct more than one type of business activity. This type was chosen by members because it advocates for investing in other products. Cooperatives are a great way to save because the members earn interest on their savings and can access their savings on short notice in emergency situations.

The members easily take advantage of investment opportunities as they collaborate to raise funds as opposed to the slow process of raising funds an individual. The investment opportunities include buying and owning land, building homes, growing businesses, pension, saving for children, lending to businesses at very low rates compared to commercial banks and supporting joint investments. Cooperatives provide a platform for members to meet, exchange, learn and be encouraged by like-minded people.

Interested in
joining HMC?

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The first step to becoming a member is to :-

  • fill out the application form available online
  • pay the registration fee,
  • buy the minimum number of shares, and deposit the minimum amount in savings on the HMPC bank account.

Opportunities to buy more shares will be available later through share transfer from members to others who fit the membership criteria. By law, no member shall own more than 1/3 of all shares available.

Membership Criteria


Duly filled registration form.

Initial payment

The total initial payment is a minimum of UGX 200,000/- designated as follows;

Registration fee

One-off fee of UGX 50,000/- at entry


Minimum share subscription of 5 units @ UGX 10,000 per share subject to a maximum of 1/3 of available units.

Monthly Saving

Minimum monthly saving of UGX 100,000.

No Cash Payments

All payments are made to the HMPC Bank Account below. No cash payments shall be accepted.

Banking Details





Swift Code



Kyadondo Road, Head Office

Payment Procedures

Members are encouraged to use any of the following options to effect payment

  • Pay from any DFCU Banking Halls across the country and obtain a deposit slip.
  • Pay from any DFCU Agency Banking locations and obtain a deposit slip/ banking slip.
  • Use mobile money MTN or Airtel platforms.
  • Use Mobile Banking
  • Use RTGS, EFTs, or other such means to transfer funds.

After making payment, take a picture of the deposit or banking slip and post it via WhatsApp to the Admin Frankline Kintu on 0704 811 469 with a caption of all the member’s names as registered with HMC and the purpose of payment (e.g. Membership Fee, Shares or Savings). This facilitates correct allocation and reconciliation of each member’s deposits.

Receipt of payment will be acknowledged within 48 hours of sharing your deposit slip, a receipt sent to the member via WhatsApp.

Every week, the Admin will share a schedule of all payments made by members indicating the Account Number of each member and payments received. Members’ names shall not be disclosed in this report. Please check the report to ensure all your deposits for that week are correctly reflected.