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Our Identity

We exist for the purpose of Catalyzing Spiritual, Social and Economic Renewal in our Immediate Communities and as a result, the World.

We do this by planting Life-giving, Disciple-making, Community-renewing Churches. Currently we are in forty eight Locations (Campuses) with over 1000 Missional Communities serving 1000 plus Frontiers.

Our Strategy to achieve this mission is by planting 3000 Life-giving Churches (Locations) by 2042 by every location planting one every three years, which will be able to equip and Deploy 100,000+ Disciple-making Missional Communities by having an MC for every 20 Garage attendees, which will serve 10o,000+ Community Renewing Missional Frontiers atleast once a month, unleashing unprecedented levels of Kingdom impact and transformation.

As you can see, the mission of Worship Harvest cannot be achieved minus the existence of vibrant, well-led, well-equipped Missional Communities. MCs are the Church in Worship Harvest. That’s why Worship Harvest Locations exist to equip and deploy Missional Communities.


How it all started!

Makerere starts Come Alive

Rev Canon Benoni Mugarura-Mutana (Uncle Ben), Chaplain at St Francis Chapel, Makerere starts Come Alive; helping S.6 leavers to explore their gifts and ministry during vacation

Apostle Moses Mukisa joins Come Alive 96

Apostle Moses Mukisa joins Come Alive 96, then led by Pati Munda and eventually becomes group leader in 2000 when most of the members leave. He recruits new people into the group to keep it going.

Apostle Moses and others begin Come Alive Ministries

December 1 – Apostle Moses and others begin Come Alive Ministries, calling past Comealivers and others to a vision of transformation using music and other gifts. Many people from many churches join the ministry, based at St Francis.

Worship Harvest Ministries is born

The ministry is renamed Worship Harvest to eliminate the confusion caused by using the Come Alive name, where those looking for the original Come Alive ended up in Come Alive Ministries.

Church Planting

October – Apostle Moses gets the vision to transform the ministry into a church plant; a launch pad for the vision of transformation.

Al Fiesta Restaurant

Apr 2 – The church begins, with the name House of Praise at the then Al Fiesta restaurant, Lumumba Avenue. 2006, Jun – John Katto introduces the Discipleship Evangelism course by Andrew Wommack and Don Krow. GRACE! Understanding the Gospel, grace and faith create a firm foundation.

2006, Sep – We are evicted from Chong Ching and move to Kati Kati, growth begins.


Uncle Benoni Mugarura's Blessing

September 30th – Apostle Moses receives Uncle Ben’s blessing, on his last day as Chaplain! We revert to using Worship Harvest.

WH Naalya Construction begins

We begin the process of buying 0.8 acres of land in Naalya, and begin construction in June 2011

WH Naalya launches

September 11th – Part of the congregation moves to Naalya to start services led by the Nsubugas

WH Jinja launches. Discipleship Evangelism starts.

July – Worship Harvest Jinja begins Sunday Gatherings, led by Patricia Amoko MuhumuzaHaving started the journey of discipleship, Tim & Rebecca Lindsay introduce us to Mike Breen & 3DM. Breakthrough in the area of discipleship begins.

WH Entebbe launches.

June – Entebbe Missional Community led by Rachel Parsons starts Sunday GatheringsWe purchase an extra 1.1 Acres at Naalya with the help of Community of Faith

WH Gayaza launches & Harvest Academy begins

February – WHGayaza led by the Nsubugas Launches at Kasangati Resort, and later move to Afro Club.

February – Harvest Academy begins with 23 students, led by Lynnet Nsubuga and Rebecca Makhande


WH Bugolobi & WH Mukono

Jul – Worship Harvest Bugolobi starts, led by the Okullos

Aug – Worship Harvest Mukono launches at Colline Hotel, led by the Ssenyonjos


Harvest Institute & WH Kibuye

January – Harvest Institute begins with more than 80 participants

February – WH Kibuye launches at Muganzirwazza Plaza, led by the Tasobyas


WH Makerere launches

April – WHMakerere launches, led by the Muhumuzas. Oct – WHMbarara launches led by Rita Ainomugisha

WH Kungu & WH DownTown launches

February – WHKungu launches at SP Kinobe’s Residence, led by the Irumbas. WHGabba Road launches at Lee café, led by Solome Nantayiro.

March – WH DownTown launches at House of Rest, led by the Byemanzis


First international Church Plants

June – WHNairobi launches, led by the Kirabos. Our first international plant. WHArua launches, led by the Okurmus.

August – After several months of signs and pointers, involving Pastors Gerald Mwebe, Dodzweit Achero and Jimmy Macharia, Apostle Moses starts following Bishop Dag Heward Mills (listening to messages and reading books). A new chapter of acceleration is born. Things start moving much faster from this point.


Mega Launch

2021, Jan – WHGaruga, WHKamuli & WHNansana all launched on Jan 3rd, led by the Businges, Desire Zebia & Ronah Bareeba, respectively,

May – WHWairaka is launched by the Mathesons,

July – WHJoggo & WHBusega launched by Hannah Atai and the Ssebakijes respectively,

Aug – WHKira (Sebombos), WHMatugga (Mugisas), WHSeguku (Doryn Miti), WHKajjansi (Florence Nalubaale), WHNjeru (Gadson Atuhaire), WHMuyenga (Ivy Inapo) & WHKyebando (Kalemeras) all launched. Septuplets!



Have every Missional Community

Our winning strategy is to plant 3000 churches , by having every churches plant one every three years (Celebration 113) , have a Missional Community for every thirty attendees (Connection 120) , and have every Missional Community engage a Frontier at least once a month (Commission 111).

Up In Out


We are L.E.G.I.T



is a Movement of the Gospel,
Discipleship and Mission.

Our church

We exist for the purpose of catalyzing Spiritual, Social and Economic Renewal in our immediate communities and as a result, the world.


Worship Harvest Music

Wonderful Your Name
Wonderful Your Name
Victory LIVE
Victory LIVE
Our God Reigns
Our God Reigns
At Your Throne
At Your Throne