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Partial Paralysis gone!

Sam Echwaku

 I THOUGHT I HAD MY life set out. I had begun running a business in Uganda and Kenya until the lockdown came in. I lost all businesses at once and sunk into a big debt. I tried figuring it out but I couldn’t manage. To cap it all off, I was hit by a stroke in 2020. The left side of my body couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t walk, speak, sit, turn in bed and could only write with my right hand. This was the end of me. I asked my lovely wife to go back to their home since I could no longer take care of her. I asked God lots of questions and finally gave up on church completely. 35 My Testimony A friend of mine (Pastor Ron Matheson) who by that time wasn’t a pastor kept on looking out for me to the extent that he always liked picking me from home just to attend online church at a hosting center where they were broadcasting the Worship Harvest services. I started resenting going there at some point since I thought I wasn’t of any value anymore. One day while at the hosting center, Prophet Angela Okullo prayed for people and specifically gave an instruction to someone to listen in and immediately get up and walk. I ignored it saying to myself, “That’s the usual talk” but Pastor Bee3 insisted that someone was being stubborn. I took a step of faith and believed God and immediately I felt a little different, I could feel my left leg again! I asked a friend to support me as I tried running. That was my miracle! I began running and that same day! I felt the heat of the sun again after 3months. Medical people had told me that I could try walking and talking again after 36 Worship Harvest about a year but God was gracious to me that he healed me in a space of only 3 months! God has since then restored me, physically, emotionally, spiritually and has blessed me lots. I praise God.