petros zeo

No more miscarriages.

Peter and Mabel Mugogo

 WE JOINED WORSHIP HARVEST IN 2012. Prior to that, we had suffered multiple miscarriages. I had 2 miscarriages, gave birth to our first born Caleb, then went on to miscarry 5 other times. The fifth miscarriage was the hardest, because it happened at 22 weeks of gestation. After that loss, we stopped going to the church we were attending back then, because it was just painful to answer questions about how the baby was doing. Mabel was the kind whose pregnancies show too early so by 22 weeks of gestation, she was showing. People assumed we had delivered hence the questions about how the baby was doing. 19 My Testimony In search for a new church where people didn’t know our story, we visited Worship Harvest Naalya. We loved it and immediately did the Discovering Membership Class and became members. That was in 2012. We conceived again but could not fully celebrate the news, because of fear that we would lose this one too. One Sunday after service, we walked to Apostle Mosze and briefly shared with him our history of miscarriages. He did not pray for us. He just said “You will carry this baby full term, and the miscarriages will never happen to you again” We said Amen! We carried full term, and named our son Nathan Grace Nkabi, because we had carried that pregnancy by grace. We went on to have another child, Abigail, with no drama. In 2019, while 12 weeks pregnant with our last born, Mabel started bleeding. She recounts: 20 Worship Harvest “Everything within me revolted! After seeing the blood, I said “No! No! No! No! These things don’t happen to me anymore! I go to Worship Harvest.” And what I meant was: I had been taught the word on salvation by grace through faith and that healing is a part of the salvation package - God loved me! I did not call my pastor for prayer that day. I just stood on the word and commanded the bleeding to stop. I drew a line in the sand, “This one, I am carrying full term!”” Indeed, we had our baby healthy and whole. All our children are well. God is great!