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My Miraculous Restoration

Lynn Wali

 Early this year in March my life took a turn for the better after close to 5 years of being disconnected from church or anything related to Christianity. I was a very comfortable citizen in the kingdom of sin. In fact, if the devil had a squad I was definitely the cheer leader of that squad. Being sober wasn’t part of my life style; I was an addict who walked around with a coffee mug sipping on vodka 24/7. Little did I know God had had it with my way ward behaviour and was about to arrest me completely. This atheist was going to encounter Christ in full measure. On this particular Wednesday my brother invited me for MC and I actually felt offended because I knew he knew I wasn’t a church person let alone a Christian. Being the ninja that he is, he decided to hijack me while I was hitching a ride in his car, heading to the supermarket. 26 Worship Harvest I found myself in this room of strangers who would later turn into my new found family. The meeting I had been dragged to was a “missional community meeting”. As Papa Blesso was preaching (the teaching was broadcast on YouTube), I don’t remember a word he said except for when he mentioned a person with a blurry vision and that God was healing the person. That person was me. I had injured my eye during one of my escapades and I had started losing my vision. When Papa Blesso gave that word, I immediately regained my sight after 3 years of barely being able to see. I gave my life to Christ that same day and he has been doing a lot with my life and couldn’t be happier.  God restored my sight, and gave me a new identity in Christ (I am born again!) and healed my alcohol addiction completely. This completely broken vessel was mended and restored into this beautiful work of art. I give God the glory