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My Laughing Baby

Roxanna A.Kazibwe

 I WOKE UP IN THE middle of the night to a wet bed and a sinister, yet loud voice in my ear saying, 21 My Testimony “You see? You can never have children again!” My whole body was shaking with great fear. There was clearly an evil tangible presence in the bedroom. When morning finally came, a word dropped in my mind, “pituitary gland.” There is no reason why I would think about that word on any day so I googled it. The findings pointed to hormonal issues and infertility. I already had a son and we were planning on conceiving our second at the end of the year but this was around March, what was this madness? I texted my gynecologist questions about the pituitary gland and hormones and he called back, which signaled that it was serious. Now, within that same period of confusion and supernatural torment and attack, my pastor, Apostle Mosze, sent me a message asking how I was doing and how he may serve me. I halfseriously asked to meet with him for ice cream and he said yes (God bless him!). I had not told anyone about my present torment with this invisible thing 22 Worship Harvest hounding and taunting me about not ever having children but I ended up telling him about it. He asked me when we were planning on conceiving and I said October. He instructed me to just laugh and give thanks, and we turned the conversation to other things. When I left the meeting, I had a heavy desire to pray so before heading home, I stopped at the prayer room at Victory City Church in Ntinda and prayed mostly in relief, because I was healed and it was done. In October 2019, I conceived my second born, Jason (which means Healer). Interestingly, a supernatural thing happened during labour. Right in the middle of intense labour, I started laughing uncontrollably, the pain paused. I remembered Apostle’s words to me, “Just laugh and give thanks.” God had done it! On Jason’s first night, he laughed, an actual grown up laugh. Every time he laughs, I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness (his second name is Mwesigwa meaning God is faithful). Jesus heals! Jesus 23 My Testimony delivers! No power is stronger than Him.