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In Our House at Last!

House of Oboth

 PRAISE GOD. IN 2016, MY husband and I bought a piece of land just next to our small house with a dream that one day we would may be expand the house. As the years went by we didn’t focus on it. We just enjoyed our kafunda (small house) as the family continued to grow. In 2020 at the height of the lock down, we met an architect who convinced us that with about 40 m we could build the extension and live more comfortably. We were excited knowing that the amount would be manageable for us. The work 13 My Testimony began but, to our shock, the foundation cost so much more than we had had in mind. We decided to put the project on hold only pushing as and when we got some money. In 2021, I signed up for the School of Leadership at Harvest Institute and that meant most of the year I was immersed in Worship Harvest Ministries. I learnt a lot, was challenged so much on all fronts of my life. I also continued seeing my sister’s life progress as she was a member of this church. In Oct 2021 I felt the Lord leading me to join Worship Harvest Ministries, and I obeyed. I was excited to join this new church family.  As a tradition in Worship Harvest, every beginning of the year, we are called upon to give our first fruits. This was not easy for me. I debated but had heard of many testimonies after people had given first fruits, my own sister inclusive. I wanted so bad what had happened to the people whose testimonies I had been hearing about. 14 Worship Harvest I gave my first fruits and God in His power has made it possible for us to enter our Mansion, the “House of Oboth”, the best birthday and 15th anniversary gift. We praise God for  a good shepherd, Apostle Moses, who teaches us these truths about provision, favor, wisdom, connections, and so much more. Through so much God, our God, Jehovah Jireh has been so faithful. I will worship Him all my days. Thank you Apostle and Rev Ma for teaching us tirelessly the Truths from God’s word.