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Healed of Diabetes

David Benson Matsiko

 IN 2019, MY WIFE WAS diagnosed with diabetes after the birth of our son in December 2018. It puzzled us, because she never had it before, or had any symptoms of diabetes. Within a few months, she had lost a lot of weight and completely changed. People didn’t recognize her anymore, that’s how bad it was. To make matters worse, doctors couldn’t figure out why her sugar levels weren’t going down even after taking intense medication. We were in and out of hospital daily, bills were high, we were stressed, and it was generally a tough for our family. 2019 became the year that we can never forget because our lives drastically changed. Growing up, I had seen God use me to heal people, but here I was with a sick wife and I wasn’t seeing the manifestation of her healing. At some point, I thought since I wasn’t praying as much, maybe this was affecting the manifestation of her healing 28 Worship Harvest – and maybe that’s true, I don’t know. In 2020 during the lockdown, God revived my prayer life through the MC Live services that were broadcast on Wednesdays, and the online Garage services on Sunday. God used this time to get my attention since I was unable to work, and it was work that supposedly “kept” me too busy for ministry. When I started being in fellowship with God’s word, my whole life changed, and I began seeing God’s hand in my family. My wife started receiving her healing and as I type this, she is totally free from diabetes and her body was completely restored to an even a greater glory than she was before. Hallelujah! We serve a miracle working God. Thank you Apostle Mosze and Pastor Ary for saying yes to the call. Our lives and the lives of many are being impacted daily.