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God’s Word Heals

Barbra Ssina

 God’s Word Heals MY BROTHER COLLAPSED WHILE AT work in Arua and was transported back to Kampala in an ambulance on 1st Dec 2021. By the time they reached Kampala Hospital, they had to put him in ICU. The team that received him told us that my brother was not breathing, yet his heart was beating. Miraculously, he started to breathe on his own. He spent 7 days in in coma and those were some of my toughest days. I had a personal time of overnight prayer, when I cried out to God and stood on the prophetic word by Apostle Mosze that we and our loved ones shall not die until we reach 120 years. They did all the tests but could not find the problem with my brother, and yet by then he had lost his mind, he didn’t remember any of us and it was so heart breaking. But, God is amazing. After those seven days, my brother just woke up and started moving around! God is real, alive and powerful, especially 32 Worship Harvest when the doctor could not diagnose anything He was there all through.