petros zeo

Dislocated shoulder healed


 ON FRIDAY 4TH NOVEMBER, I got an accident on the soccer turf and dislocated my left shoulder. I was scheduled to minister at the 20-30 Gathering at Worship Harvest Naalya which was happening on 5th November. I had been so excited about the Gathering and the ministry opportunity then the accident happened as we played football. I was in so much pain but all through the time in the hospital while waiting for the radiographer, I kept practicing my lines because I didn’t want to mime all through my performance. Mid way my rehearsal, just before the radiographer came, God told me I was going to get my healing at the 20-30 Gathering and I should go with the X-ray copy to church. I told my wife what God had told me and asked her to remind me in case I forgot. I woke up at 4am the following day because I had to pick up my brother Wake. I remember showing 30 Worship Harvest him the X-ray and telling him what God had told me. I remember my wife telling me to ask Wake to drive. We arrived at Worship Harvest Naalya at about 5:40am. I still had the pain all that time. I didn’t tell anyone. My time to go on stage came, I went on stage and gave it my best but every time I lifted up my left shoulder, I felt so much pain. I remember vividly at the end of the day when I went to the front at the time of giving offerings, I tried to move my shoulder in all directions and it responded very well. I tried to do what I couldn’t do in the morning and I started doing everything! I was and still am grateful. I got my healing at the 20-30 gathering at Worship Harvest Naalya.