petros zeo

Delivered from depression.

Aber Beryl Rhoda

 IN 2019 I MOVED TO Kampala from Entebbe because of a new job. It was the first time I was staying alone. I had decided not get involved in church for a while. In Entebbe I had been the leader of the WHM Entebbe Music team. When I moved to Kampala I attended garage about 5 times that year. I suffered from a lot of depression, but recovered towards the end of the year after speaking to Pastor Cathy Bagyenda of WH Entebbe. Towards the end of 2020, the same depression came back, and even worse. I was suicidal, had given up on life but on 20/12/2020, the depression left me. A spirit just lifted off me and I was fine. When Apostle Mosze says grace is God choosing you out of the many for no particular reason. I have experienced that. That morning, immediately I woke up, and God revealed to me why I had been depressed. I repented because it 42 Worship Harvest was out of my idiocy and since then, I have never suffered depression. Yesterday (1/3/2022) it hit me how I have not felt any emotional debilitating pain in very long while. I am very thankful to God.