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Building at 27 years

Florence Nalubaale

IN JANUARY 2021, I DECIDED to take the risk and gave my first fruit. This meant me giving the whole of my January income and waiting on the LORD. I never imagined the many miracles that would follow this step of faith!
That year, I was able to buy land and start building my house. I didn’t plan for this, nor had it ever crossed my mind that I would do such a thing at the age of 27.

That was also the year that God called me to plant a Worship Harvest location! He wasn’t looking at my qualifications, or where I had been in the past. He was merely giving me the opportunity to live a life of significance. I am a pastor by His grace, with sons and daughters to love and disciple.

Even in the midst of COVID and the schools being closed (I run a school), I still gave my first fruit. After that, God led me to a second piece of land! My neighbors saw the work that God was calling me to do, and they decided to sell their plot to me. That same year, someone also gifted me a new car. God is just too good!