petros zeo

Petros Zoe Missional community

In 2016, Hannah and Martin Mugonyi moved from WH Naalya to join the WH Mukono church plant. During their first year in Mukono, Hannah had been serving on the worship team and Martin was leading the Guest Experience team. However, their location pastors knew they had a lot of untapped potential. In 2017, they were strongly encouraged (okay, forced) to start a Missional Community (MC). Their location pastor challenged them to consider what is was in their community that annoyed them and wished to change. This question led Martin and Hannah on their quest to reach and empower young people through the Petros Zoe MC. The MC launched in August 2017 after Hannah and Martin walked around their community of Misindye inviting youth to come for a meeting at their house on Sunday afternoon. During that first meeting, they inquired of the youth the challenges they face in their daily lives. After this meeting, Martin and Hannah realized the need for these youth to not only be discipled, but also taught practical and technical skills to financially benefit them as well. The first year was dedicated to setting up small income generating trainings and projects such as rabbit rearing, soap making and mushroom farming. The youth were also obligated to participate in various community service projects to instill a sense of community membership and responsibility such as well cleanings, trade center clean ups and medical camps. Although there had been some progress and development within the first year, Martin and Hannah decided to redesign their skilling program to something that required more of a commitment from the youth. This led to the creation of the Petros Zoe Vocational Institute. The MC now has 12 members and meets every Sunday after garage. After they meet as an MC they engage in a community outreach program in the Misindye community as one of their frontiers. They often have people who come as guest volunteers who assist with the programs. They have an active dance team (traditional and contemporary), three football teams, a volleyball team and several board game activities. Their numbers are growing weekly and they now have over 100 youth registered in their program. They still engage in community service projects on a monthly basis. They are also collaborating with Changers MC, who is also from WH Mukono to introduce a skilling program at Kauga Prison. Several MC members are now employees of Petros Zoe Initiative which is anon governmental organisation that was birthed out of the missional community and is now fully registered both here in Uganda and in the United States of America.