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Dream Land Acquisition

Christine Namagulu

I HAD HEARD ABOUT THE principle of giving first fruits to God before, but I had never taken any action. In January 2022, I was reminded again during a message at Worship Harvest about giving first fruits and decided that this time, I was going to be obedient to the instruction. However, I wasn’t sure if I would be paid my salary right away in January, because that has happened before in my business. I decided that I would take no chances, so I got the equivalent of my salary from my savings and sent my first fruits to Worship Harvest. I was elated and praised God that I had even had the faith to do it.

The savings I had used were for buying land, which I had been looking for since 2020. I had been hoping to get an acre of land for my business and home, but I had not yet been successful. In 2021, I had given up on the real dream and was planning to settle for something much less than I could afford.

A few days after sending my first-fruits, while I was visiting the smaller piece of land, I found my dream property that I had been searching for! The Lord found me land that was almost a full acre. I was able to make a deposit with the money I had left after giving my first fruits. I had more than enough for the deposit and the owner even allowed me to pay the balance in 4 months! I could not have done this by trying hard. I had been trying for over a year! And in just a few days following obedience, heaven intervened. What shall I say to these things? Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain! Psalms 127:1