About Us

Our Identity

We are a non-denominational community of friends and followers of Christ which was started in 2006 with the purpose of resourcing people in worshiping God and serving others meaningfully, for community transformation. We are here to create space in which people can experience heaven and then release it in their earthly environments. CHURCH BEGINS ON MONDAY, SUNDAY IS GARAGE TIME!

We place a strong emphasis on a culture of worship, discipleship and mission. We are currently organized around Discipleship Groups (G12s), Missional Communities (MCs) and Celebration Centers (Garage).

Our Leadership

Board of Elders:
Our church is led according to the biblical pattern of a body of elders, which we call the Board of Elders, which is the final decision making body of the church. Moses and Sarah Mukisa are the senior leaders and are members and leaders of this Board.

Other Elders include: Jeremy and Beatrice Byemanzi, Chris and Lynnet Nsubuga, Noah and Rachel Baalessanvu, David and Irene Rusoke, Emmanuel Denis and Rebecca Makhande, Mike and Charity Kwatampora, Emma and Angella Okullo, Anthony and Suzan Birulu, Bill and Christine Mukasa, Deo and Anne Beresi, Benon and Diana Bena, Chris and Jean Kaweesa, Sam and Anne Kisa,   and Paul and Inga Nyangabyaki.

Board of Directors:
Whereas the Elders lead the church, the organism, the Board of Directors helps lead the church on the organizational side, ensuring that there are sufficient governance structures and that the ministry is run in accordance with all statutory requirements. This takes the administration load off the elders so they can focus on ministry.

Advisory Board of Pastors:
Due to the need for upward accountability, we have an advisory Board of Pastors, people who periodically give guidance to the Elders and Directors as they lead this ministry. These are well regarded pastors or leaders from other churches or spheres of influence.

The Dream Team:
This is the team which makes things happen. These are the leaders and assistant leaders of every ministry initiative at Worship Harvest Ministries. What makes us a “ministries” is the fact that many different ministries are now in operation.

Church Staff:
These are the Dream Team members who work full-time for Worship Harvest Ministries, to form the backbone that helps everyone else serve at their best. They recruit, equip and deploy volunteers to fulfill the mission.